Monday, January 16, 2017

Nation's Early Learning

Hi folks,

We recently decided to start going internet-public with some of our daughter Nation's "Early Learning" successes, to help start conversations with friends and family. These milestones are nothing especially surprising compared to other results on the forum,, and other EL communities, but early learning is pretty controversial these days.

Here's a video from four months ago at 13m/o!!

So the only real observable outcome of EL so far is her attention span and behavior during these reading play sessions. I think she has pretty typical word-production for her age, a dozen words or so, I guess. She's imitated other things we've said before, but those were mostly one-off events.

Current 17m/o list of words produced in speech every day or two:
Baby, Bee, Mama, Papa, Pop, Ba (Chinese for 8), Auntie, Up, Down (pronounced "bauu"), Wah!, Hua (Chinese for "flower"), Ball, Zhe-ge (Chinese for "this one", accompanied by finger-pointing), Go!, head shaking for "no", Meimei ("little sister" in Chinese - that's what her older cousin calls her), Lalala (when we're reading/singing through the "Deck the Halls" book).

We use a software called "Little Reader" by Brillkids. But while the software uses regular English and Chinese scripts for those languages, I have also been showing Nation homemade books (mostly nursery rhymes in English) written in Gregg Shorthand, as in the video. I put in a lot of effort learning the Anniversary style of Gregg myself... so high hopes that it might start paying off when we start her learning to write!

Anyways, thought I'd share. XD


PS: Here's an awesome 25min video about a toddler -thru- junior high school near Mexico City that is getting a chance to mainstream EL around Mexico.

PPS: Additional detail in my forum post here.

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I appreciate your writing about this, it encourages me to learn more about EL.