Wednesday, September 3, 2014

New Study Finds: 98% of English-speaking brides are Caucasian

The following is original research by Steven Bhardwaj conducted on 09-03-2014.
Claim of Veracity: Nothing below is a blatant lie.

I analyze a large sample (n=324) of bridal photographs, and analyze the summary statistics of the sample. I find that, utilizing a set of assumptions about market behavior of firms and consumers, the data supports an estimation that approximately 98% of English-speaking brides are Caucasian.

I make the following assumptions, most of which are reasonable:
  • The vast majority of women who get married wear wedding dresses.
  • They and their families purchase or rent those dresses from companies who provide the dresses.
  • The companies who advertise the dresses use the English language to reach English-speaking brides.
  • Those companies also advertise online in addition to other marketing efforts.
  • Photography is a personal service, requiring significant communication between the photographer and the wedding party.
  • The competitive market drives wedding dress vendors to aggressively sell to the whole bridal consumer market.
  • Thus, photographers using real wedding photos to advertise their photography on English websites will tend to present photos representative of English-speaking brides, and the ethnic demographics of photographers' online portfolios will reflect the demographics of their customers.
  • And, consumers appreciate when dresses are modeled by models of similar ethnicity. Thus the distribution of observable racial characteristics of online bridal models will reflect the corresponding distribution in real-world brides.
  • This sample of the 324 top results from Google Image Search is a representative collection of these companies' marketing efforts.
I find that, as only 5 out of 324 brides in the sample were non-Caucasian, the data supports the estimate that approximately 98% of English-speaking brides are Caucasian. Data is included in the appendix below. The author will refrain from using these results to extrapolate inference on the extramarital personal conduct of non-Caucasian women, in this report.

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