Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Crunchbang forum contribution! Kingsoft WPS

Installed (Kingsoft) WPS Office Suite on my Crunchbang Linux OS. The first time I installed something where I contributed to a forum showing how I did it.

Screenshot from WPS spreadsheets:

EDIT: I subsequently found the dialog box that enables the feature I needed in LibreOffice. So now I don't need Kingsoft WPS anymore for now.

Link to my post on the #! forums.

Friday, September 26, 2014

RT @BBCAfrica: In pictures: Mali's motorbiking eye surgeons http://t.co/hVe3Pdb2Yt http://t.co/qHV9aLYMLf

The rich and the hoarders

Image shared on Facebook by a Quaker friend:


V***: Indeed greed is an illness or an addiction.

D***: Rich people, and those on the cover of Forbes magazine do NOT hoard cash. B. Lester has no clue what he is talking about. In fact, most rich folks have very, very little cash - and they make money through leverage - that is, by taking on large amounts of debt. Debt is good! It allows rich people to grow richer by using other people's money.

Mr. Lester needs to free his mind and think.

Steven Bhardwaj: Interesting comment D***. True, private wealth management funds, like any investment fund, tend to use illiquid investments as they are more profitable to everyone concerned. I agree that private individuals decreasing the velocity of money by holding cash doesn't create large economic externalities. As to debt, I won't assign a value judgment, as its value to society depends on the quality of the investment the debt is used for.

More to the point are the dysfunctional institutions [institutional practices] used to amass the assets of many rich individuals, and the societal dysfunctions they create on the way there. There is a balance between the strength of the rule of law which creates property rights to define a fair market, and the strength of individual capitalists who bend and warp the laws to personal advantage. As the capitalists become strong enough relative to the law, the law becomes less of a tent to keep rain out of the public marketplace, and more like a maze of sheep handling chutes to manage the population and enforce rich privilege.

Corporate lobbying is isomorphic to smaller-scale corruption. Intellectual capture of financial regulators, military officals, and other industries' public servants by corporate interests is endemic beyond cliche.

For every Salman Khan there is a dozen or a hundred Sam Zemurray's. And, for every Madoff scandal, a dozen more white-collar criminals keep their impunity. [Regulatory policies are inherently stochastic - so regulation cannot effectively mitigate the governance effects of gross inequality.]

Guns can't kill people without people killing people. Riches can't cheat people without people cheating people. But when the guns are too deadly and prevalent, and the riches too unequal and [poorly] unregulated, then you sure know what's coming.

AccidentalRacialProfilingPoliceBrutality, and OpenCarryingSemiautomaticFirearmsInStores

It seems to me that most police brutality in the USA may be accidental, at point of contact. While such brutality-through-gross-negligence may be somewhat less-reprehensible, it is still very reprehensible. Somewhat better than very-very-horrific, still remains very-horrific.

Recent cases like last week's Sean Groubert and Levar Edward Jones make me glad that accurate flash sight marksmanship is hard to train.

Unfortunately, some officers are further away from their innocent but subconsciously-racially-profiled targets at point-of-contact, and are thus more accurate. This week's tragedy of John Crawford highlights that point.

John Crawford's tragedy also points out a serious often-neglected problem with open carry. It would make things much easier for assessing the danger of armed suspects, if there were strict laws restricting open carry of high caliber and automatic weaponry in public areas. Stores offering deadly-looking toy guns should clearly mark the packaging, "Removing toy gun from packaging in the store may be a violation of State or Federal Law. Read the attached manual on public carry of toy firearms before opening package." But under current laws, carrying a toy automatic weapon in a store is not an offense of any kind. 
But, open carrying in a store while black, toy or real, is effectively a capital offense.

This reminds me of a recent forum discussion I had about open carry in stores, which I will re-post below:

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

New Study Finds: 98% of English-speaking brides are Caucasian

The following is original research by Steven Bhardwaj conducted on 09-03-2014.
Claim of Veracity: Nothing below is a blatant lie.

I analyze a large sample (n=324) of bridal photographs, and analyze the summary statistics of the sample. I find that, utilizing a set of assumptions about market behavior of firms and consumers, the data supports an estimation that approximately 98% of English-speaking brides are Caucasian.

I make the following assumptions, most of which are reasonable:
  • The vast majority of women who get married wear wedding dresses.
  • They and their families purchase or rent those dresses from companies who provide the dresses.
  • The companies who advertise the dresses use the English language to reach English-speaking brides.
  • Those companies also advertise online in addition to other marketing efforts.
  • Photography is a personal service, requiring significant communication between the photographer and the wedding party.
  • The competitive market drives wedding dress vendors to aggressively sell to the whole bridal consumer market.
  • Thus, photographers using real wedding photos to advertise their photography on English websites will tend to present photos representative of English-speaking brides, and the ethnic demographics of photographers' online portfolios will reflect the demographics of their customers.
  • And, consumers appreciate when dresses are modeled by models of similar ethnicity. Thus the distribution of observable racial characteristics of online bridal models will reflect the corresponding distribution in real-world brides.
  • This sample of the 324 top results from Google Image Search is a representative collection of these companies' marketing efforts.
I find that, as only 5 out of 324 brides in the sample were non-Caucasian, the data supports the estimate that approximately 98% of English-speaking brides are Caucasian. Data is included in the appendix below. The author will refrain from using these results to extrapolate inference on the extramarital personal conduct of non-Caucasian women, in this report.

(click on image to enlarge)

  • Source: 
    • https://www.google.com/search?site=&tbm=isch&source=hp&biw=1366&bih=656&q=wedding+dress&btnG=Search+by+image&oq=&gs_l=
    • Accessed Sep 3, 2014 20:00