Monday, July 8, 2013

June 2013 Progress Report

I will be taking a leave of absence from the PhD program at Boston University during 2013-2014, and I promised professors and friends that I would keep them updated with my activities. So I will provide a monthly posting in which I will briefly summarize my progress on profession-related items over the previous month.

Outline of Post:
  • Recap To-Date
  • May 2013
  • June 2014
  • Plans for July 2014
Recap To-Date:
This May, I finished my first two years of my Economics PhD program at Boston University. I chose to take a 1-year leave of absence before my 3rd year, primarily to focus on accelerated language-learning methods (link1 link2). I have also been working with a small youth group called OJEPAC in Gisenyi City, Rwanda coordinated by Elisee Hakuzweyezu. I took a more personal role with this group in developing its Early Learning pilot program, which currently includes five mothers (link3). Depending on its progress, I may also continue to follow up with this EL pilot.

May 2013:
  • Finals week formally ended May 11.
  • Wrote and coordinated summaries for papers in the IED Discussion Paper Series.
  • Finished up my end-of-year tasks related to the Graduate Student Organization's initiatives on Academic Open Access.
  • Worked on Rwanda projects, prepared for trip to Rwanda.
June 2013:
  • Prepared for Rwanda trip.
  • Completed my work for the Spring 2013 IED Research Review deadline (link4).
  • Visited OJEPAC in Rwanda for 2.5 weeks and worked with Elisee to determine a program for the organization that will work for all stakeholders.

Plans for July 2013:

  • Follow-through with pending Rwanda items.
  • Ramp-up study of memory techniques.
  • Continue with routine work in Economics: 
    • Read theoretical and empirical papers.
    • Review portions of Davidson and Mckenna's Econometric Theory and Methods.
    • Improve my Stata toolbox.