Tuesday, May 21, 2013

End Stop-and-Frisk

First, the music video.

Second, my discussion of the issue.
After 9-11, people were wearing NYPD hats and shirts. Everywhere. Now that windfall of goodwill is nearly depreciated and gone.

Check out this link to a Slate article. Police in Toronto were buddy/buddy with local imams and this is how they caught the "alleged" bombers. http://tinyurl.com/cwyj9hl

Is some guy who got stop-and-frisked on his way to prom, going to go back to the same police to rat-out his cousin who raped somebody? Unfortunately, even for a rape, it's much less likely.

The same age-old lesson applies to crime in NYC as it does to bombers in Toronto. I've lived in different neighborhoods in Bushwick for four years, and it doesn't make me feel safer to see stop-and-frisk happening everywhere. It makes me feel much less safe.

Kudos to John Liu and Bill DeBlasio for bringing this up.

Third, action items.
Online Petition:

Mayoral Candidate John Liu (current NYC Comptroller) has an Online Vote:

Mayoral Candidate Bill DiBlasio's Petition to Mayor Bloomberg:

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