Saturday, February 2, 2013

Letter to Senators on Gun Control

Feb 2, 2013
Dear Senator (Gillibrand and Schumer)

Thank you for cosponsoring S.150.

The gun law status quo in the USA features a broad interpretation of the 2nd amendment.  This allows private individuals in my country to legally carry far more loaded firearms than in any other country. This creates terrible problems in our modern world, including school shootings, organized crime, and the burgeoning prison population.

The only two relevant justifications for this broad interpretation of the 2nd amendment are entirely, obscenely obsolete today.  These are:

1. Insurrectionism.
2. Suppression of slave revolts.

The gun manufacturing lobby plays on the unfortunate fetishes of assault weapons owners to maintain this status quo.

Thanks for cosponsoring this bill.  It's one small step toward a better policy, but extremely important.

Key citations:
Bogus, Carl T. "The Hidden History of the 2nd Amendment."
Bogus, Carl T. "Heller and Insurrectionism"
Wikipedia. "2nd Amendment"

Steven Bhardwaj

Note: Carl T. Bogus is a real historian, despite the unfortunate name!  What's more, his papers are Open Access, which allowed me to read them, appreciate them, and cite them here!

Regarding the strikethrough passage above, I remembered that I'm becoming an economist now, so I have to be chary with my words.  After finishing and sending the FCNL form to the senators, I did a little internet searching. I found that recent growth in the prison population is more directly driven by mandatory sentencing and related policies, so I redacted the email as posted here.  I decided not to research any organized crime link, as the mass killings and the general murder rates are bad enough.

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