Saturday, November 24, 2012

Links ~ M23 invasion of Goma, as of Sat 11/24, 2012

This is my page of links to reports on the M23 invasion of Goma, as of Sat 11/24, 2012.  I post my three favorite sources below.

Best Source: Dave Zarembka's Summaries:
      Dave Zarembka is one of the main organizers of the Quaker organization, "African Great Lakes Initiative of the Friends Peace Teams."  This is the org under whose care I traveled in Spring 2011.  Dave Zarembka has emailed out summaries of his "take" on these events as they unfold.  He presents eyewitness reports related to him over the phone, gives insightful recaps of regional history, and gives his own personal analysis and best-guess as to future developments.
      I re-post two of his latest emails on my blog, as he has a particularly strong connection to Goma/Gisenyi through his correspondence with AGLI's peace workers there.  The links to these two emails are below:
Favorite Online news links:
     My favorite heavy-duty source for info on the region, Jason Stearns writes the "Congo Siasa" blog. He is a pre-eminent author and student of the politics of the DRC, and recently wrote a readable and well-recieved book detailing the recent history of the region.
       Al-Jazeera has been doing some great reporting on these events. Although the BBC/NYTimes etc do well too, the articles I have read on this from western media tend to spin things a little favorably towards the USA's allies in the region, namely Rwanda and Uganda.

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