Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Adult literacy idea

Another nutty development-related idea from yours truly:

Literacy curriculum where adults write letters in permanent marker on
different parts of their body (or spouse's body) (i.e. "H" on their
hand) as backbone of curriculum. Then they have to keep the letter
dark when it starts to fade after a couple of days. Multiple colors
might be nice. Also an underline somehow for orientation. Connection
with religion / resisting the occult might be appropriate. Ideal if
supported by monks/church. Exciting and edgy but still "okay."

The writing exercises can be basic prayers keying off the
body-connected words. "Help me Lord, the Hopes of my Heart are in your
Hands." Or, "My Back is Bare and my Butt is Bony, but my Brain
Believes in the Blood of Christ."

-Steven Bhardwaj
+1 (646) 430-1585

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