Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cereal bar and poptart prices

Incredible. The more healthy it's supposed to be, the more expensive it is. The price of a little more fiber or protein in your breakfast bar is huge.

Pop tarts: on sale for $2.25/lb
Nutrigrain: $6.60/lb
Kellogs Protein mealbar: $12.95/lb

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Worse than Vegetarian

What's more insufferable than a self-righteous vegetarian?  A non-vegetarian that will only eat meat from animals raised and slaughtered in a particular, arcane, and expensive way.  Some people want no antibiotics in their meat, others want grass-fed meat, others want "organic" meat.  Some need fatty goose-liver imported from special farms in France, and others need fatty beef steaks imported from special farms in Japan. These people can turn any enjoyable potluck into a tense hunger-strike standoff.

Some people need the animal's trachea, oesophagus, carotid arteries, and jugular veins to have been severed in one smooth movement with a "chalef."  But, such demands are less awkward because it's been a religious requirement for thousands of years.  Also, the group has become well-established in the USA since they really started immigrating in the late 1800s, so it's okay.

However, consider a guest at your home-cooked dinner that may be willing to eat meat... but only if  convinced that the animal was not "mistreated by humans," and had a relatively "good life"!  This spoilsport doesn't just neglect the host's painstakingly prepared veal roast, but also hops on a soapbox and dissapears the deliciously marinated morsels on the table, replacing them with the cadaver of a torture victim.

What a crass jerk.  Don't be that guy.

Wait.  I am that guy.

Ah, well.  Check out Certified Humane's website.  News Update: I'm eating meat now of the following categories
  • Store-bought with Certified Humane sticker
  • Wild-hunted venison, rural squirrel etc. Health standards apply.
  • Chicken raised wandering around backyards and smallholder farms.
Bon Appetit!

Phelan Barreiro "Cynik Lethal" Builds Serious Music

Heavy hiphop dubstep.  He goes by "Cynik Lethal" but I know him as Phelan Barreiro from Pittsburgh where we played drums on trashcans like in Market Square after work sweeping the streets, in 2001, among other things.

Looking forward to more where this came from!