Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Riding a bike to Logan Airport

Today after dropping my father off at the airport via taxi, I jogged from Logan airport to a bus station nearby the Tobin Bridge, took the 111 bus to Haymarket, and jogged again back to the South End.

Next time I'll take the blue line or silver line, much easier.  Maybe I'll even get there by bicycle.

Riding Your Bike to Boston Logan 

"Good for the environment and part of a healthy lifestyle, biking is a great way to get to the airport -especially if you live nearby. For your convenience, a bike rack is available outside Terminal A, behind the taxi stand on the lower level as well as at the Airport T Station.
Riding your bicycle in the tunnels that lead to and from the airport and on the airport roadway is forbidden for safety reasons; however, you may take your bike on the MBTA and the water transportation services to and from Boston Logan, as well as on the Logan Express bus service and Massport's on-airport shuttle buses.
For more information on how to incorporate bicycling into your commute, visit Mass Bike. If you are traveling with your bicycle, contact your airline for more information about checking your bike as policies vary and fees may apply."

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

AyJy Playing with laparoscopic trainer

So I steven took over (my wife) AyJy's old LG ENV Touch phone for m-blogging during my older brother Jason's wedding this weekend. I ordered a new battery online as the old battery had tanked.
But this looks to be a lot of fun. I don't have to pay for a full "data plan", just for text messages. But I can send a photo + blog message with up to 1000 characters for the price of 1 text message. And I bought a 250 text plan for $5 so itls no problem. And this phone has a nice very large thumb-keyboard. So the next step is to find the patch for a thumb-dvorak keyboard!
See attached a beautiful pic of ayjy with her laparoscopic trainer set!

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dad singing "Morning Has Broken" and "In The Jungle," to Jason. Four days until the wedding!