Saturday, March 12, 2011

Proposed Site for Women's Training Center

On Friday morning March 11, I met with Levi and Jeff to visit the proposed site for what I understand is a women's training center. I enjoyed my time with them, meeting their families, and even sharing some beverage,  beans, and potatoes!

Levi suggested he was looking at a cement block-wall structure including four rooms: a ~10mx8m "atelier", a ~6mx6m "salle de couture," and two ~3mx3m offices.  We didn't go into great detail yet about all the proposed uses - I'll throw out some layouts and we will talk again shortly.

The property is about 25m x 22m, and is at about an 1:10 overall slope down from the road. However the rocky soil will make small retaining walls easy to build.

I will clean up my sketches and add them to the post within the week. But, here are the photos of the site. I took one photo of each corner with Levi standing on the corner, and then a few photos of the property from that corner, panning L to R.

Corner 1:

Corner 2:

Corner 3:

Corner 4:

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