Sunday, January 30, 2011

Preparing for Quaker Skype Conference

Dear Friends,

First let me show you some pictures of the Gisenyi Friends Church that my friend Francis took during this morning's service :

There are about 30 families in the church, and many of them have young kids.  There is lots of singing and dancing by almost everyone throughout much of the service, with about of a third of the church participating in one of the two choir sections.

I'm looking forward to our skype fellowship videoconference.  Five kids from Gisenyi meeting will participate, and Etienne (the paster shown here) will translate.

I think for the structure of this first meeting, we can have each child give a brief (prepared) two-sentence introduction, which Etienne will translate.  After introductions, we will have a child from one country ask a (prepared) question of the children from the other country, and we can have some answers.  Then a question will come the other direction.  If we have time, we can do two questions each direction, and then we can finish how feels appropriate.

Here is a youtube video showing how the conference will look if we record it right.

We're all very excited, and looking forward to seeing you!


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