Monday, December 20, 2010

SVI and Drivers' licenses

Now there may be no cause-effect relationship here, but you never know how the world works.  In August 2010, AyJy and I wrote to our congressperson asking for drivers' licenses in Iraq to clean up the horrendous traffic.  And now my SVI correspondent in Iraq just mentioned to me that they're giving out drivers' license exams!  Might be the best possible birthday present I could have received.

My email went as follows:

Dear Representative Nydia Velázquez, c/o Max Trujilo

First, thank you very much for your hard work stewarding and improving the government of our country. My wife and I are American citizens, in the 12th district of New York City, in Bushwick.

We are concerned with the continued instability in Iraq, and have focused on the issue of driver’s licenses. The unavailability of driver’s licenses to Iraqi citizens causes serious problems for traffic enforcement and transportation.

We would appreciate it greatly if you would endorse and forward a copy of the attached letter to the following offices:

Mr. Christopher R. Hill
US Ambassador to Iraq
Embassy of the United States
APO AE 09870

Mr. Ad Melkert
(United Nations) Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Iraq

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter. I appreciate the difficultly in addressing these issues but believe this is an important step in making progress to stabilize Iraq...

Here is a link to AyJy's and my attached pdf letter.  And here is a link to a news article about the new drivers' licenses.

Now I'm not saying that Mr. Max Trujillo ever got back to me on this, but clearly someone ended up setting up the drivers' licenses bureaus.  Thanks a bundle to Elizabeth Threlkeld and David Mann and everyone in SVI for helping advise us and revise on content and format.  Thanks to our correspondent, and most of all, thanks to the Iraqi government officials, for getting it done.  Hurrah!

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