Sunday, December 19, 2010

Moving Forward from Here

MAZEMBE, one-week plan, Alex Douglas interviews on Burundi, and Map-literacy

Alas, after playing in the FIFA Tout Puissant Mazembe lost to Inter Milano (0,3).  Now Mazembe faces an impending mass exodus of its star players to Europe.  Link to video of final match highlights.  Here is an interesting article about Moise Katumbi Chapwe, owner of Mazembe.  According to that article, Katumbi spends more on some of his players than other African teams have for their entire budget.  For fun, check out this video of Mazembe players celebrating in the locker room before the semifinal (which they won).

Focus tasks before I leave the country:
  • Catch up on email correspondence
  • Study Swahili
  • Send out 200 fundraising letters
  • Study Kinyarwanda
Here's a link to a great 40 youtube minutes of Alex Douglas explaining her work with FWA in Burundi, and Burundian history in general.  Pulling out names and dates and history off-the-cuff with aplomb.  Here is a link to Alex's Oct 2010 assessment report on the past year of Healing Reconciliation in Our Communities workshops organized by Zawadi Nikuze, AGLI-FPT, and company.

Finally, Alex's blog also linked to some very interesting maps, showing how big Africa really is, compared to our skewed maps that place the Equator way below its rightful spot in the middle of the page.

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