Wednesday, December 15, 2010

ICC's Ocampo will give ruling in Kenya

Received this email from AGLI-FPT, it wasn't on the website yet, so I just posted a copy.

AGLI - Report from Kenya - December 15, 2010
Urgent Prayers Needed for Kenya

Dear All,

Today, Wednesday, Dec. 15 at 2:00 p.m. Kenya time (6:00 AM eastern time in the US), Luis Moreno Ocampo, prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), will hold a press conference. He will be announcing the names of up to six major organizers of the post election violence in Kenya after the disputed Dec 27, 2007 election results were announced. Speculation is that that three ministers, a permanent secretary, and two businessmen will be the ones indicted. The Kenyan Government is fearing unrest in those areas where the people indicted come from so they are beefing up security in 28 districts including Lugari District where I live and Uasin Gisu, the District across the road which includes Turbo Division where Friends Church Peace Teams (FCPT) has been doing so much work. Contrary to the situation in early 2008, the Government says that they will allow demonstrations in support of indicted individuals and the police have been informed that they should not use live ammunition.

In November 2008 when the FCPT conducted a survey in Turbo Division, respondents indicated that one of the sparks that could re-ignite the violence in the community would be the indictment of their MP, William Ruto, by the ICC. Since Ruto may be one of the six, the situation in Turbo Division may become volatile.

Yesterday we had a meeting in Turbo with the Executive Committee of Friends Church Peace Teams and the Turbo Division Interfaith Peace Task Force. The situation in the community was discussed at length. Even in normal times, it is a "rough" area due to the mix of various ethnicities along the main road to Uganda and becauase it was very hard hit during the 2008 post election violence.

We decided to set up an simple FrontlineSMS early warning system where people can send text messages (SMS) to my computer with any information as to developments where the person is living. Normally there should be a day's training for the participants as citizen reporters, but there was not time for this. Since everyone is familiar with their cell phone and how to send and receive SMS's, that part of the training that we did in Burundi is not necessary here in Kenya. At the moment we have 18 people on the system, but hopefully today Getry will recruit more of our AVP/HROC facilitators and other members of the FCPT counseling committee.

If I have anything important to report, I'll be sending messages on to Dawn Rubbert who will send them out on the AGLI listserve. In the meantime, Kenya needs your prayers today, tomorrow, and perhaps the following days. Thanks.


David Zarembka, Coordinator
African Great Lakes Initiative of the Friends Peace Teams
Office in US:1001 Park Avenue, St Louis, MO 63104 USA 314/647-1287

Distributed by:

Dawn L Rubbert, Program Manager
African Great Lakes Initiative (AGLI)
of the Friends Peace Teams
St. Louis, Missouri

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