Friday, November 26, 2010

Volunteering Budget - Congo / Rwanda

Hello, friend,

Below is a breakdown of my donation goals and budget for the volunteer trip to Goma, DRC and Gisenyi, Rwanda. Click here to donate!

Total direct cost of my 4 month trip will be about $4600:
Housing/Meal 1600
R/T Plane Tix 1600
4 months of visas 800
AGLI Overhead 500

Considering this $4500 direct cost of my trip, I would like to provide a comparable amount of additional donations to AGLI to fund the field work being performed.

Thus, we will set a target of directly fundraising $6000. AyJy and I will put up an additional $3000. So that's an even split of a $9000 total: $4500 in costs, and $4500 in donation directly to the local workshops and facilities - the Gisenyi Peace Center, and AVP workshops and a women's shelter in Goma.

AGLI's budgets are pretty lean, out-of-region work mostly done by volunteer labor. Here are links to a summary budget, and a detailed budget for AGLI 2009-2010.

Also, whether or not you can donate, please send me an email so I can make sure to include you on my updates, which will also be posted on this blog.

-Steven and AyJy Bhardwaj

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