Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Stars of Human Development

Thanks Akira M. for the link to this very interesting article on the fastest-improving countries in terms of Human Development Index. Here is the original UNDP report.

Top movers in HDI, 1970–2010
Rank Improvements in HDI
1 Oman
2 China
3 Nepal
4 Indonesia
5 Saudi Arabia
6 Lao PDR
7 Tunisia
8 South Korea
9 Algeria
10 Morocco
Source: 2010 Human Development Report.

I suggest reading from the article while listening to "Night in Tunisia" by Dizzy Gillespie.

(Lyrics by Ella Fitzgerald??)

The moon is the same moon above you
Aglow with it’s cool evening light
But shining at night, in tunisia
Never does it shine so bright

The stars are aglow in the heavens
But only the wise understand
That shining at night in tunisia
They guide you through the desert sand

Words fail, to tell a tale
Too exotic to be told
Each night’s a deeper night
In a world, ages old

The cares of the day seem to vanish
The ending of day brings release
Each wonderful night in tunisia
Where the nights are filled with peace

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