Sunday, November 14, 2010

Morning Before Clearness Committee

It's the Sunday morning before the Clearness Committee meeting on my trip to Gisenyi/Goma as an ESV volunteer!

I'm sore all over from frisbee yesterday, and slept a fine eight hours to a comfortable 07:30. Breakfast of grape-nuts, walnuts, and a topping of Reese's Puffs. Time to start a regular daily blog habit. I think that consistent blogging will significantly improve the effectiveness of my Rwanda/Congo trip.

Morning Reading:
- Time Magazine's list of up-and-coming young politicians "40 under 40".
- 39-year old Jeremy Bash's (one of the 40 under 40) favorite political blog was "Mike Allen's Playbook." I read today's edition of the Playbook.

Morning Tasks:
- Printed out forms to take to Clearness Committee: Agenda 10 copies, Draft Application 3 copies, Volunteer Handbook 1 copy, Blog page 3 copies.
- Located office supply near meetinghouse: SW corner of Union Square (to buy more printer paper)
- Stretching/Meditiation

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