Friday, September 17, 2010

Democracy is Black

C'est chouette, ça. J l'aime bien.

Très bien encore. Ces deux sont mes favorites.

Only difference is, some restaurant owners can kick people out of the restaurant, or think they can set their own price. Good government requires an affordable restaurant in a competitive environment, such that the restaurant is motivated to include everyone as a customer, while also keeping them happy.

I love ambiguous state-of-being verbs like "is". When the video says "Democracy is a restaurant with qualities X, Y, Z," this can and does mean a number of thing at the same time. Some of the meanings can even contradict each other. The meanings might include:
- Those governments accepted to be democracies have qualities X, Y, and Z.
- A government can be called a democracy if and only if it has qualities X, Y, and Z.
- If someone implements a democracy, they will achieve X, Y, and Z.
- Democracies have X, Y, and Z more than other forms of government.

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