Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Give Your Vote!!!!!!

How awesome is this Give Your Vote!?!?

"It’s simple: you give your vote to someone in Afghanistan, Bangladesh or Ghana. They use it to be part of the debate on decisions that affect them by casting a real vote in the 2010 UK election

The key is a simple act of solidarity: if you're a UK voter you can pledge your vote to someone in Afghanistan, Bangladesh or Ghana.

You’ll get a text message on the eve of the UK election telling you how someone in Afghanistan, Bangladesh or Ghana wants to vote."

Answer: it's SUPER awesome. Check out the video:

Monday, March 1, 2010

Lovesong in Distress

All right, people! I need help!

I'm a newly-minted English poem badly translated into Spanish and French. Please fix me!!!!!

(The Chinese version already got some help. 感谢你!)


Some birds in a small group act like words on a page. They shift with the wind in unison and cascades. One combs her feathers, another blinks and considers. Do they have homes, or names? Do they play cheerful games?

If the birds are a love song, will it begin, will it end?

It will fly by each year and sing right through again.


(Improved/Adapted by Yijun Li:)





Una bandada de pájaros hacen como palabras en la página. Moven con el viento con unidad y cascadas. Una afeita sus plumas, un otro parpade y reflexiona. ¿Tienen hogares o nombres? ¿Juegan juegos alegres?

Si los pájaros son una canción de amor, ¿Ya empieza? ¿Términará?

Pasarán por aquí cada año para cantarla toda entera.


Un group de oiseaux fête comme les mots dans la page. Ils bougent avec la vent avec unitè et comme les cascades. Un peigne ses plumes, une autre s'assis et pense. Est-ce qu'ils ont une maison o un nom? Font les jeu heureux?

Si les oiseaux sont une chansons de amour, va commencer? Terminerà?

Passera par ce endroit chaque anneè pour lui chanter tout entier.