Monday, September 7, 2009

Humanitarian Work

Recently watched The Fog of War, the memoir-documentary-interview of Robert McNamara, who was Secretary of Defense through most of the Vietnam War, and longtime leader of the Ford Motor Company, among other things.

Amazing how little I knew about the USA's WWII firebombings of Japanese cities, which dwarfed the civilian casualties of the atomic bombs.

So this leads to the question: Are we trying to fix the problem? What is the USA's current conflict prevention, conflict mitigation strategy?

Not an easy question to answer. But Wuryati Morris has a good suggestion for how to start figuring it out. Wury says that her employer, "Development Alternatives Initiatives," takes on just about every kind of 2-5 year development-sector contract that is available, except for heavy industry tasks.

By syllogism, DAI's list of projects should be representative of USA bureaus' overall portfolio and agenda.

There certainly are a lot of them.