Sunday, May 17, 2009

Performance Goals and Evaluation

Here's an updated list of the performance areas, weightings, and descriptions:
  • MDT - Meditation - 2.0 - I want to do 2 x 15min sessions of stretching + medititation every day - one in the morning and one at night. I get 1.0 point for the first 15min session, and anonther point for the second.
  • AER - Aerobic Exercise - 0.5 to 2.0 - I get these points for doing the equivalent of 30min of aerobic exercise. An hour of off-and-on basketball, or an hour of straight jogging or swimming would count. (See ANA)
  • ANA - Anaerobic Exercise -1.5 - I want to do 1/2 hour of strength-building exercises about every three days. (Maximum of 2.0 points total on any one day from AER and ANA combined.) (link to list of exercises) (link to descriptions and images)
  • ONT - On time - 2.0 - This is a catchall category for respect and punctuality. I start with full points on any given day, and if I am unable to fulfill any committments, or am poorly prepared for a meeting etc., then I start losing points.
  • BED - Bedtime and sleep - 1.0 - If I woke up at a reasonable time and got 7+ hours of sleep last night, then I get 0.5 points for today. The other 0.5 comes from lights out at a reasonable time tonight and getting enough sleep again.
  • FUT - Future - 1.0 - Future planning, personal goals review, planning curriculum changes, getting taxes done ahead of time, etc. Did I do something forward-looking today? +1.0!
  • AHE - Ahead of Schedule - Since I am no longer a fulltime student, I will now use the following three criteria:
  1. At work, did I do a good job at work today getting ahead of schedule? At home on weekdays, did I work for ~1+ hours on studying that is due more than 24 hours into the future?
  2. For the weekend, did I do 4 hrs of homework planned to be do more than 24 hours into the future?
  3. An ideal way to evaluate these benchmarks is to set 1-hr or 4-hr equivalent goals each morning, so that if I get the tasks done more efficiently than previously expected, then I get to keep the points with reduced time spent. :)
So those are the categories, which is most of the relevant information at this point anyways. I'll post more info about my weekly and monthly reviews... when I have started doing them!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

WorkSafe British Columbia

British Columbia has an extensive selection of safety videos on The forklift one was especially informative.

This one was especially intense... whew!

Monday, May 4, 2009


This is a fantastic video on what it's actually like to use robotoilets. The narrator's a little whimsical, but there isn't anything inappropriate. Very funny and interesting.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Needed to post a link to an image of the characters “合气” so I could put it on a google map. It's actually Japanese, so it should be in traditional characters, but I'm trying to be efficient on time here.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Silly Geese Eat Dark Chocolate

Recent studies by Herzenbach and Herzenbach have shown a positive correlation between consumption rate of dark chocolate in women aged 18-23 and the women's progressive identification as "Silly Geese." However, Herzenbach and Herzenbach were reluctant to attribute the anserileviculomorphism to any particular neurological mechanism, describing only the empirical results of their data.
-Leviculus Anseriformes