Sunday, April 5, 2009

Performance Goals and Evaluation

I am so excited about this self-evaluation program, I'm like to bust a spigot.

To start, here's a list of the performance areas, weightings, and descriptions:
  • MDT - Meditation - 1.5 - I want to do 2 x 15min sessions of stretching + medititation every day - one in the morning and one at night. I get 1.0 point for the first 15min session, and anonther 0.5 points for the second.
  • AER - Aerobic Exercise - 1.5 - I get these points for doing the equivalent of 30min of aerobic exercise. An hour of off-and-on basketball, or an hour of straight jogging or swimming would count.
  • ANA - Anaerobic Exercise -1.5 - I want a routine of 2 x 15 min sessions of home calisthenics. (link to list of exercises) (link to descriptions and images)
  • ONT - On time - 1.5 - This is a catchall category for respect and punctuality. I start with full points on any given day, and if I am unable to fulfill any committments, or am poorly prepared for a meeting etc., then I start losing points.
  • BED - Bedtime and sleep - 1.0 - If I woke up at a reasonable time and got 7+ hours of sleep last night, then I get 0.5 points for today. The other 0.5 comes from lights out at a reasonable time tonight and getting enough sleep again.
  • FUT - Future - 1.0 - Future planning, personal goals review, planning curriculum changes, getting taxes done ahead of time, etc. Did I do something forward-looking today? +1.0!
  • AHE - Ahead of Schedule - While I am a fulltime student, did I spend an equivalent of 4 hours today studying or working on homework that is due more than 24 hours into the future? An ideal way to do this is to set 4-hr equivalent goals each morning, so that if I get it done more efficiently than previously, then I get to keep the points with reduced effort. :)
So that's the categories, which is most of the relevant information at this point anyways. I'll post more info about my weekly and monthly reviews... when I have started doing them!!!

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