Tuesday, April 28, 2009

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Makings of a meal. My inaugural mobile phone text message blog post!

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View the lecture: Academic Earth - Game Theory

I found this video on Academic Earth that I thought you would enjoy.

Click this link to view the lecture:


Thinking about chasing down rational choice group decision methods - these courses would be an important initial step.

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Ankle Strengthening

Basketball yesterday, Monday 4/27 -> jammed finger, bruised knuckle, and broken toenail. But my ankles are fine!

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Green Chair Dance Group

Green Chair Dance Group Rocks!!!!

It may not be coincidence that all my chairs are green...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Calisthenics Exercises

List of Anaerobic Exercises on the cards:

situps, side-situps, supermans, pushups, pull ups, backbends, dips, handstands, stiff leg deadlifts, jumpies, dumbbell curl and press, dumbell row, dumbell front raises, standing side raises.

Performance Goals and Evaluation

I am so excited about this self-evaluation program, I'm like to bust a spigot.

To start, here's a list of the performance areas, weightings, and descriptions:
  • MDT - Meditation - 1.5 - I want to do 2 x 15min sessions of stretching + medititation every day - one in the morning and one at night. I get 1.0 point for the first 15min session, and anonther 0.5 points for the second.
  • AER - Aerobic Exercise - 1.5 - I get these points for doing the equivalent of 30min of aerobic exercise. An hour of off-and-on basketball, or an hour of straight jogging or swimming would count.
  • ANA - Anaerobic Exercise -1.5 - I want a routine of 2 x 15 min sessions of home calisthenics. (link to list of exercises) (link to descriptions and images)
  • ONT - On time - 1.5 - This is a catchall category for respect and punctuality. I start with full points on any given day, and if I am unable to fulfill any committments, or am poorly prepared for a meeting etc., then I start losing points.
  • BED - Bedtime and sleep - 1.0 - If I woke up at a reasonable time and got 7+ hours of sleep last night, then I get 0.5 points for today. The other 0.5 comes from lights out at a reasonable time tonight and getting enough sleep again.
  • FUT - Future - 1.0 - Future planning, personal goals review, planning curriculum changes, getting taxes done ahead of time, etc. Did I do something forward-looking today? +1.0!
  • AHE - Ahead of Schedule - While I am a fulltime student, did I spend an equivalent of 4 hours today studying or working on homework that is due more than 24 hours into the future? An ideal way to do this is to set 4-hr equivalent goals each morning, so that if I get it done more efficiently than previously, then I get to keep the points with reduced effort. :)
So that's the categories, which is most of the relevant information at this point anyways. I'll post more info about my weekly and monthly reviews... when I have started doing them!!!