Thursday, March 26, 2009

SuperCrunch, and the Linguists (Netflix)

My airplane row-mate recommended me a video about the Airbus airplane launch to watch for homework/research... Netflix had it, and I then continued browsing Netflix. Netflix may actually be useful.

The Sundance award-winning documentary film The Linguists is listed on Netflix, which is pretty cool. The Linguists was published by "educational release," meaning that it costs $300 per copy. A Netflix release would be awesome, but it's listed as "availability unknown," which I suppose means that they may pass around a copy if enough people put it on their wish list. My wallet would definitely prefer $3 to $300.

I also found a documentary film of Andy Goldsworthy's work. I watched a youtube preview. Tacit, powerful, accessible, Supercrunchy. Wonderful stuff. Kinda goes along with Swarthmore Professor Mark Wallace's faculty lecture on finding the Christian God in nature.

Here's a preview of Andy Goldsworthy:

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