Wednesday, February 18, 2009

SKANSKA USA Civil's EMR rating

I just interviewed for a field engineer position yesterday at SKANSKA USA Civil. Amazing company doing great work. Known for high-quality building, and financially strong even in the down market.

Even more impressive are their safety ratings. I'm not sure how public they are with their numbers, but suffice to say that their Experience Modification Rating is almost off the theoretical charts. I had never heard of such a low rating, so I started googling, and found this 1995 publication:
Experience Modification Rating As Measure of Safety Performance. Jimmie Hinze, Dave C. Bren, Nancy Piepho. J. Constr. Engrg. and Mgmt. Volume 121, Issue 4, pp. 455-458 (November/December 1995).
EMR tells you how much a company pays on worker's compensation premiums. The lower the number, the lower the premiums that the insurance company demands, the better the construction company's safety.

The article showed that the insurance industry's equations will allow for EMRs as low as 0.30, for large firms with $0 in injury claims. But that doesn't make Skanska USA Civil's numbers any less impressive.

I requested ASCE permission to post the charts from the article, but they asked for $35 per chart or graphic that I post. So maybe I'll generate my own charts sometime. Qué lástima.

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