Saturday, August 16, 2008

Arrival in USA

We arrived in StL at the house of AyJy's very distant, but very friendly, relatives in StL. Cast of characters features:
- Minh Nguyen, skydiving mechanical engineer that just received an acceptance letter to the Wash. U. StL EMBA program!!! He took us to Walmart where we replaced the battery on the car. We hung out until about 10pm and then he went out on the town. Skydiving is planned for the morning.
- Bai, Kate, and Calista Nguyen, Minh's younger brother, sister-in-law, and 18-month daughter-in-law, all live in the same house. Bai, Kate, and about three young nieces and nephews visiting from Springfield stayed up past midnight playing Starcraft or something on their local area network. Amazing! Calista is running around the house and likes to steal the Catan dice and to imitate people. I spun around in circles and she did too. We both got dizzy.
- Chris Ngo, 4th year KCOM med student studying at Des Pares hospital in StL stopped by to play Catan and update AyJy's fascia situation. Minh and Chris exchanged notes on StL Vietnamese restaurants and the various clubbing scenes. A whole new world.
- Cousin Khong and his family of five inclusive came up from Springfield. His sons Adam and Alex played Wii tennis with us, and Adam played two competitive games of Catan. Except that AyJy roundly thrashed us all both times.

On to Rolla in the morning! In other random events, Minh, Bai, and Kate all did undergrad at UMR Rolla, so they have lots of great advice for us. Moving stuff out of storage will be put off until Monday.