Monday, November 12, 2007

The Chris and Amber Lincoln Wedding

Chris and Amber Lincoln. This couple is so great. They're absolutely crazy about each other, and the obvious fact can't help from gratuitously spilling all over the place. But somehow, they pull it off with a straight face. A completely off-the-hook good time.

I hope you guys (are you out there?) don't mind if I plaster your proposal story all over my blog. Because it deserves it. How many guys propose in a Chinese restaurant - and pop the question through the paper slip inside a special-order fortune cookie?

So where is this website, anyways, where you can order cookies with themed fortunes?


Congrats again!!!

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Amber Lincoln said...

Thanks guys! We think you are great too and wish you lived around here. I'm just now getting to your blog. Yes, I'm a terrible procrastinator :) You need to get a myspace account. That is how I keep in touch with most people. I can't wait to hear more adventures of the Bhardwaj's!