Saturday, November 10, 2007

2008 Summer Plans

Alright- time to go ahead and confirm the upcoming summer plans. We're going to go to Laos for most of July and August and learn from family members as they go about their work there.

To prepare, we'll study the Thai language instead of Lao, because there's a Rosetta Stone software version for Thai. Thai is very close to Lao in syntax and lexicon, probably about like Portuguese and Spanish. Also, most of the technical writings, translated literature, and all of the TV is in Thai, because Thailand is much bigger than Laos demographically and economically.

So, we have an uncle that manages building construction, an uncle that works for a power distribution group, and more. I'll just follow them around and see what they do. I might even make myself useful in a translation capacity or something. AyJy will find a position looking over shoulders at a hospital or other health care institution.

I feel like the most useful thing we'll be able to do in these short two months/month and a half will be to ask stupid questions and listen to people. So I'll need to focus on polishing up the blarney stone in Thai and Lao.

But, Meera says I need to be a better listener. Meera will put me through Good Listener Intensive Bootcamp (GLIB). But I do need a *little* blarney to be able to ask the naive questions in the first place. Good times good times.

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