Monday, October 15, 2007

Last Day at MoDOT for 2007

Last day of work at the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) today. I worked a little on some roadway cross section drawings, and wrote up a description of my project's status. The project files are pretty clean, so that Keith (my supervisor) and the next designer on the project should be able to find everything without problems. I filled out my exit interview, my last timesheet, and received my final performance evaluation. "Met Expectations." What else?

I made grand proclamations, assuring everyone that I would win the break-time penny toss. I didn't even make the 'varsity,' of course. Ah, the penny toss. How to explain. Maybe I can get Chuck to email me a copy of the "Official Rules," and I'll post them up here.

Most of the MoDOT District 2 design office congregates in the plot room during the twice daily 15-minute breaks to play 'penny curling.' Similar to shuffleboard, or bocce ball, each player stands behind the table and tosses a penny. Covering the table is a ~5'x10' waxy-plastic cutting mat, with 1" x 1" gridlines. The penny closest to the last gridline after each round is the winner, and the winner takes all the pennies. (All the pennies stay in the plot room, so it's not gambling.)

The penny toss is designed to end after 15 minutes, and it makes collective office discussions convenient. It keeps everyone up to date on what's going on in the office - who gave a blurb on the radio that day, whose project got delayed and why, how Keith's beans are doing, etc. I'm not sure what 'team-building' is, but I will endorse the penny toss for keeping anyone from being left in the dark. No one left in the dark might mean no skeletons in the closet, I suppose.

So it goes. We aren't doing COBRA, because the DOT health insurance program is too expensive for a private pocket. But we will continue the dental plan for a little while, until after AyJy gets her wisdom teeth pulled. All the news that's fit to post.

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