Thursday, October 11, 2007

Fall 2007 thru Spring 2008: Goals

So it's final. My last day of work at MoDOT this year will be Monday Oct 15.

I will definitely be missing the District 2 crew. But we will keep in touch. Joe and Diane demanded that I blog, so I will blog. Aye aye, Captain.

So, I will spend the winter and spring accomplishing the following goals, in loose order of priority:
1. I will get to know members of the community around Kirksville, aiming at an even cross-section of everybody. I hope for minimal sustained awkwardness and maximum grace. Planned activities include CASA, Hospice, math tutoring, and maybe another one or two, depending on how those are going.
2. I will excel in one course in each of fall and spring toward a degree program at Rolla.
3. I will be fluent in Thai by Summer 2008.
4. I will read literature. Currently reading Grapes of Wrath by Steinback. Also on the list: History of Laos, You Shall Know Our Velocity, Malaquias y Crónicas y Efesios y Reyes, etc....
5. I will learn a bunch of performance-ready pieces on the piano.

I will also maintain my Spanish and Chinese proficiency, exercise regularly, and blog.

Just because I'm working the last item of the addendum right now doesn't mean I've done gone accomplished the top five. Far from it.

Tomorrow: The La Plata Presentation.

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