Friday, October 19, 2007

Disc Golf

Today I spent most of the day helping Peter Mouser and Brian Peavey finish construction of a disc golf (frisbee golf) course on the grounds of the Kirksville Rotary Park, next to the Aquatic Center. I think it was done through the ATSU Rotary chapter and the local Kirksville Rotary Club, orchestrated mostly by Brian and Elisa Peavey, with construction managed by Peter. It took all day to lay nine ~8'x9'x4" pads of concrete and erect place nine stand-alone poles with footings.

Helping out were six ATSU students / spouses, a few Truman students, about six+ local Rotaract club members and guests, and the director of Kirksville Community Services, Steve Bell. Mike Eichor was a Rotarian who took a liking to the Wacker 'concrete buggy', although you couldn't pay him to admit that. Of course, he showed me how to run it whenever I got up the nerve to ask. The buggy was a feisty front-loading little vehicle with a hydraulic dump, but without power steering, that carried a little less than a cubic yard. Peter said he got it for about $160/day from the Rental Center. It broke down at about 10am with a "faulty float valve," but the mechanic came in less than an hour and had it fixed before noon, if I remember right. Because all our concrete pads were spread out over the park, and only a couple were accessible from the road, the buggy really carried the day.

The pads were already graded flat, with an ~4" layer of well-graded aggregate already placed. We placed forms (a square of 2"x4"s with one rebar stake for each board), and wire mesh on each pad of compacted aggregate. The pads' finished grade after construction was somewhat higher than the surrounding ground. Each pad got a post hole and pole for the tee sign. We got premixed concrete in 1.5 to 2-yard loads from *_____*. Peter and Steve had expected this work to take two days, but everyone got home after just one 7:30-5pm day, and most didn't even have to stay that long

It was a good day, and hopefully someone will email me pictures I can post up here!

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