Wednesday, October 17, 2007

CASA first day

I had my first training meeting today, with Sandy Richardson, Director of the Adair County CASA Volunteer program. (Court Appointed Special Advocate). She and her coworker Karen *____* coordinate about 30 volunteers serving Adair County. If they get more volunteer help, they might expand to serve nearby Knox and Lewis counties.

This web page has some personal stories of CASA volunteers explaining what they do. Seems pretty accurate.

AyJy already has her first case, and I'll probably be finished with training in a week or two, because I'll be training almost two hours each day.


Melissa said...

How was CASA? What's a day to day summary of what it's like to be a CASA volunteer? Is it possible to have a 9-5 and be a volunteer? Do you get a badge or paper that says you're a volunteer? Are the hours demanding? How do you log your hours? My only concern is the commitment requirement. I wouldn't want to let them down, however this is def something that I'd like to do.

StevenBhardwaj said...

Hi, Melissa,
CASA is great, it's definitely designed for part-time, after-work volunteers. It's supposed to average out to about a 30 hour / month time commitment, and you schedule your visits yourself. I logged my hours monthly on a MS Word form provided by the CASA director that I emailed in.
It's a great program, and you do get a badge. Thanks for commenting! Where are you located?