Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bed on the Wall

Big clean-the-house day.

I set up a contraption to fold the bed up and out of the way. Quite simple actually! It's a futon mattress without the futon. We just neaten up the sheets and blankets, fold it up like a half-sandwich, pick it up by the wire loop and hook the wire loop into the bent nail at the top.

Am I right in saying that to find the stud you have to knock on the wall with the actual hammer-head and really make a racket? I was never able to hear it indicate the correct location by just knocking or using the rubber back of the hammer. :o Suggestions or explanations would be much appreciated, from you builders and home improvers out there!

I had a rather difficult time trying to find the stud, as shown in the second picture.

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